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November 2008

Scott Brunjes knows exceptional quality when he finds it. That's why this media mogul (and owner of New Haven based company Mediassociates, found at www.mediassociates.com) has partnered with SEOMatrix to enhance his business' already-impressive online presence and image.

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SEOMatrix is now offering our own website conversion heatmap analysis

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SEOMatrix partners with Fortune 100's Rackspace.com

CMC Industrial Electronics, has signed on with SEOMatrix

HongKong2DC has signed long term optimization contract with SEOMatrix

Securities Exam Preparation, Inc. has signed with SEOMatrix, LLC

An Online Marketing Agency that focuses on your business goals, return on investment, and, heck, we also do it ethically.
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Ethical Search Engine Optimization

SEOMatrix LLC:

Connecticut's Largest Ethical Search Engine Optimization

Pythagoras Was Right: A Squared Plus B Squared Does Equal C Squared

“Where was Pythagoras when I chose my last marketing firm?” We do get that question asked a lot (minus the obscure Pythagoras reference of course). Well, we ask sharper questions now, of course- that’s the key to success in life, isn’t it?

Our Expertise Makes Everyone Smile

Our foundation is in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We’ve been doing it for over six years, and we do it well. We specialize in taming a little search engine called Google. Yes, we dabble with the other internet behemoths like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and even the search engine formerly known as Jeeves, but the Holy Grail of search is filled with queries from Google’s expanding belly. Our SEM services entail organic or natural search engine optimization (hence the SEO in our corporate name) as well as Pay Per Click Management, Analysis, and Improvement.

Our second core competency is Conversion Rate Improvement (CRI) And Analysis. Does A/B testing, Multivariate Environments, and Interoperable Platforms whet your website palate? Don’t worry, we’ll explain how this all works in plain English. The bottom line is that you’ll receive more sales, more often, resulting in the occasional ear-to-ear grin. Let us handle the technical hubbub- after all, it’s our job.

Lastly, is our Online Public Relations and Reputation Management division. Isn’t perception reality? Savvy implementation of Press Releases, Articles, Blogs, and Newsletters can show the public what you are all about, but the synergies that develop when combined with SEM and CRI can be a real sight to behold.

You will find that our three-tiered offerings are all intricately connected- and you will discover our services surprisingly affordable. In fact, we provide nuggets of our marketing expertise for free. Let us know what area you would like to see improved and we’ll take it from there.

Our Results Make Us Brighter

If higher ranking results are what you seek, then look no further. Please review both our client results as well as our own.  If want to frame our work in a wider perspective, then view our case studies to familiarize yourself with our client successes.

Our People Make Us Go

Our executive team is a motley crew of high achievers with a flair for both business and technology. They view the marketing industry from this vantage point and keep us securely headed in the right directions.

Our Technology Gives Us Flight

We never said our programmers weren’t eccentric. They tend to name the tools that they create- takes sides, though, half our staff are trekkies while half embrace the force.    

Our Research Makes Us Smarter 

The SEOMatrix staff pride themselves in researching your business and organizing a complete marketing strategy before kicking off a working relationship. Our research goes well beyond keyword competition and competition analysis. Instead, we get at your core business goals and work from that point forward.

Our Custom Guarantees Make Us Accountable

What good are you people if you can’t guarantee your work? We spend a great deal of time and effort getting to the root of your company goals. Based on these objectives we will create a tailor-made agreement, which clearly outlines what both parties expect.   

If you would like more information about our full suite of offerings please contact a representative at 203.777.3407. You can also fill out our service questionnaire here.

New from SeoMatrix Our Localized Treatment Gets You Noticed

A few of our prime targets include:

  • GoogleMaps.com
  • SuperPages.com
  • YellowPages.com
  • Local.Yahoo.com
Building your local brand, securing search impressions, and gathering near by foot traffic is now another element in our holistic marketing lexicon.


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